HP LaserJet 4050 Printer series - Overview

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Thank you for purchasing the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver.
This device is an infrared (IR) adapter that complies with the
communications protocol specifications established by the
InfraRed Data Association (IRDA).


Only connect the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver to an
HP LaserJet printer or mopier. Connecting the HP Fast
InfraRed Receiver to a different device may damage the

The HP Fast InfraRed Receiver enables wireless printing
from any IRDA-compliant portable device (such as a portable
computer) to HP LaserJet printers and mopiers equipped for
fast serial infrared operation.

Because this printer has HP JetSend Communications
Technology built in, the HP Fast InfraRed Receiver also
allows wireless printing from any HP JetSend-enabled IR
sending appliance.

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HP Fast InfraRed Receiver


The printing connection is maintained by positioning the
sending IR port within operating range of the receiving IR
port (see “Executing the Print Job” on page 10). Note that the
connection can be blocked by objects such as a hand, paper,
direct sunlight, or any bright light shining into either IR port.